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Japanese contemporary art in Argentina

Exhibition, Conectivity & Interculturality

To japanese artists and curators traveling to Argentina


Douzo Rocamora is currently inviting artists from Japan to exhibit their work in our installations. This show intends to bring together contemporary artworks from Japanese and Argentine young artists, as well as to explore forms of the artistic practice around the world. 

Douzo Rocamora is a self-funded enterprise. 

- We invite you to exhibit in our space.

- We offer you a free working space for an exhibition, workshop or artist talk, in Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires.

- We will engage ourselves with your project, helping to organize and promote your work and exhibiton.

- We do not help for accommodation or travel expenses.

Candidates are required to send a mail with a .pdf of their exhibition/workshop/talk project, together with an artist profile.

For submission requirements contact us to: or

Recursión / past exhibition

Yasunori Kawamatsu and Nobuyuki Yamamoto show called Recursión. Buenos Aires, Argentina. May, 2018.